Road, Mountain, ‘Cross and Track

Attack Racing supports riders across the four main disciplines of  road cycling, mountain biking, track riding on the velodrome and cyclocross.

Each Discipline is unique and different kids will fall in love with one or all of these very different sports.  From the mud of Cyclocross to the pure speed of the track they’ll find their line.  Perhaps  will they find their passion on long beautiful road rides or shredding some sweet trails.


By providing weekly skills sessions and coaching our goal is to create athletes for life. Riding a bike is safe and fun when you’re taught the FUN-damentals and learn in a controlled environment.  


If the kids choose to race in a particular discipline, which most do, we’re there to support them at events with Tents, water, coaching, help with their bikes and more.  While we do need a hand from time to time Parents don’t need to worry about kids getting to the finish line with a smile on their face.  

We’ll teach team members how to be self reliant and good teammates at the same time so that everyone has a great experience and occasionally brings home some hardware.


Most of our riders are between ages 10-18. We do have some Elite and Masters riders to help lead and pursue their own objectives.


We have always advocated for diversity in our cycling community.  We welcome all people to experience the joy of cycling and aim to provide a supportive and caring environment for our riders.  We do not tolerate exclusion, harassment, or unwelcome behaviours of any kind. 

Learn more about each cycling discipline below.

Road Racing

Attack, Sprint, Break away and Climb. We’ve got your leadout

Track Racing

Get fast and into the sprinters lane. Like the pursuit?  Maybe you’re more of a sprinter. 

Cyclocross Racing

Get muddy. Hop barriers. Develop some wicked handling skills. Fall is your time to shine

Mountain Biking

Shred some gnar and hit some drops. We’ve got you covered in the dirt.