Joining and being a part of the team has made my son love a sport he already really enjoyed even more. It’s a team of really great kids, supported by really great coaches. The older kids set a great example for the younger ones; who look up to them so much. Everyone is friendly and accessible. While certainly there is focus and hard work involved, there is focus on it being FUN. I’ve heard many times a coach ask one of the athletes ‘are you having fun?’.


Our son has been a fortunate part of the team for six years now. Through the program he has developed and honed his skills from novice to experienced rider on both the road and the track with the help of a large team of dedicated coaches and volunteers. In addition, his team participation has allowed him to be exposed to other disciplines of cycling in the forms of mountain biking and cycle cross, thereby cultivating a dedication to training, and a life-long love of cycling in all its diverse forms.


Being a part of this team has helped me stay fit and healthy. It has allowed me form many friendships with not only kids from this team but from other teams as well. It has allowed me to travel to different places to race, like the Ontario Summer Games, and will allow me to travel to more places as I get older. It has taught me the importance of supporting others, and has let me learn from older kids on our team and from other teams as well. It has motivated me to keep riding a bike, because without this team, I would not be out riding and racing a bike like I do now.


My oldest daughter and I stumbled upon the teamin March of 2017 while looking for a sport for her to do while her brother and sister played hockey. She started in the Velokids program, shortly after her sister wanted to ride as well. We then learned of the team through Art and Reg that coached the Velo Kids. Soon after both the girls were riding on the team and have never had a better time. They love the team they love the coaches and most of all they have found a sport they can enjoy the rest of their lives. The best part is that the family has found a sport we can all enjoy. With 4 kids we would never have thought we could be in a sport where we could all participate together.


I have been riding with the team for just short of 2 years now and I have received many benefits. Before joining I didn’t participate in sport at a very competitive level, and I only usually spent 2 days a week playing soccer. The team gave me the opportunity to ride at a much more competitive level than the weekly mountain bike. The team gave me the opportunity to go to Rimouski to race in the Tour de la Releve, one of the biggest U17 races in the world.


This team has experienced and energetic coaches and volunteers and a friendly, supportive environment that nurtures the athletic, social and emotional growth of young cyclists.
Attack Racing and its coaches and volunteers provides its athletes with numerous opportunities to inspire and challenge them (Rimouski, Abitibi, etc). Through these projects and during team training, athletes develop leadership and organizational skills.


I love riding with this team because it gives me the opportunity to pass on my experience riding and racing to a great bunch of young cyclists. The club/team is a vibrant mix of experienced (and less experienced, but learning fast) cyclists that always has fun at races around Southern Ontario and beyond. It’s been my privilege to see a generation (3-5 years’ worth) of riders pass through the cadet and junior ranks with Attack Racing. Some of them are now established elite racers, a few have even joined the national team. I like to think some of my experience has rubbed off on them.


This team is a superb example of a grass-root, volunteer-based cycling club where parents, volunteers, and the community share in its operation and take pride in its achievements. This is a team that puts sportsmanship and integrity before winning and manages to achieve both. It is a pleasure to be associated with such a team!


What makes this team important to us is the confidence and capabilities William has developed being part of the program, but also the fun he’s having being part of the team. The small size of the FCV indoor track in London provides a unique opportunity for coaches to communicate with athletes from the infield. It makes for a unique and highly effective learning environment.


Since taking up road cycling in 2013, I have always heard about this team. It was not until this year I had joined and felt I have become part of a family. A family full of positivity, encouragement, teamwork and collaboration, both on and off the bike. Doing all this while achieving goals and still having fun! The morals and ethics behind the team have been evident in our growing success this past road season, including a highlight win; the 2018 Ontario Crit Championship title.