Attack Racing offers training and support for road cyclists to increase bike handling skills, develop safe cycling practices, build fitness, and develop race experience.  Training sessions are used to help youth racers learn the fundamentals of group riding, gradually increasing to sessions involving race tactics and training.

Younger riders typically begin as recreational riders, learning to ride in a group setting.  As their experience increases, youth race tactics will be introduced and riders who are interested will be encouraged to participate in the Ontario Youth Cup Series.  Experienced junior riders will also be able to participate in the Ontario Cup Road Series and Ontario Crit Series.

Road sessions in London are operated on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday throughout the spring and summer.  Training opportunities are also available the GTA through our affiliations with the Lapdogs Cycling Club.  Coaching for offseason training is also available, including individual training plans and velodrome training for those interested in track cycling.

Additional road rides can be found in the GTA during the summer on weekends, in Milton and in other areas in Ontario during training camps.

Additional race projects are also offered for riders in the performance stream.  Past projects have included the Tour de la Releve Internationale de Rimouski, the Green Mountain Stage Race in Vermont, and the Intelligentsia Cup in Chicago.