Attack Racing is super excited to be sponsored by TNR Tape. TNR Tape has been replacing pins for a couple of years now and it is a fantastic product for Cyclocross, Road or Track numbers.

No more will you rip your expensive jersey or skinsuit by sticking it with pins. If you fall with pins through your number, there’s a good chance you’ll be ripping a hole in your lycra. This won’t happen with TNR Tape.

You’ll be more aero with TNR Tape! Sometimes pinning a number on quickly before a race will leave it bunched when you’re down on the drops, catching the wind and making you look decidedly un-pro. With TNR Tape the number stays firmly out of the wind.

TNR Tape leaves very little residue, unlike a number of spray glues that people tend to use. Spray glues can ruin your kit and leave unsightly patches. With TNR Tape any small bits of tape can be removed by hand very easily, if there are any at all. We’ve kept on number for 24+ hours of racing at the track and only needed a bit of goo-gone to remove any trace a number was ever attached.