#teamtap #fuelsimply Made of proprietary ginger, Canadian maple syrup and sea salt, Endurance Tap is enjoyed by athletes around the globe. Whether they run, ride or climb Endurance Tap lovers are athletes that look for natural, REAL FOOD as their fuel source, athletes tired of sugar spikes and stomach upset.

Ask for it at your local bike shop. If they don’t have it, DEMAND IT!

Maple Syrup, Ginger, Salt

Attack Racing knows that a shot of Endurance Tap on the line of a Cyclocross race is a pro move. A couple of these in your pocket during a long ride is a treat to top of those energy systems. Our racers go through glycogen fast when they’re hammering off the front and this does the trick keeping fueled.

We’re proud to support a Canadian Company who’s out there keepin’ it real.