Attack Racing is operated by Off the Front Sports, a volunteer managed, not for profit corporation. Our mandate is to expand the sport of cycling by developing youth athletes, coaches and racing programs.  We aim to build community and engage with our partners to build their own brands.

Sponsors of our organization are vital to ensure that we have the resources necessary to provide the outreach, programming, training, and competition opportunities for a very large number of youth. Currently we support 40+ youth riders from 10-18 years old and their families. 10+ devoted volunteers and coaches ensure high quality programming and support.

What we can offer:

  • Engaging social media by all our riders, staff and coaches
  • Each event will be “Brought to you by” one of our sponsors
  • Each social Media post will be tagged, commented and hashtagged with your Brand or accounts you wish
  • Our riders will attend select events you need us at
  • We will provide professional images for you to use in your own marketing as requested


We aim to bring the thrill of cycling to 100s of youth and their families every year. Creating safe riders and great citizens is our objective.


From safe riding clinics for youngsters, to learn to race, we provide weekly programming across all levels of youth development. Start young and develop athletes for life.


We are developing a trained and certified coaching staff that is able to create a safe space for youth to develop and mature both as riders and community members.  

We currently have 9+ coaches helping with our program. They range from community coaches running session at the track to skills sessions on the trail. They’ll be updating training plans, running projects, and fixing bikes!


Our racers are visible everywhere from local events to national and world level competition. Fair play and fun inspire the next generation and create fantastic opportunities for our partners.

Our Development Lifecycle

Our business model is a vertically integrated program where we build membership at the entry level to the sport, across 4 disciplines. (road, mtb, cx and track. We are building consistent and standardized programs that are replicable year to year. We build a large base of entry level riders, and filter them into appropriate streams as they age and develop skills. As they mature, give them an opportunity for coaching training. Our goal is to repeat the model in multiple municipalities.


Attack Racing currently has programming for youth from 9 to 18 years of age participating in 4 disciplines, manages the youth development program at the Forest City Velodrome and is involved in youth outreach programs with local school boards and the London Public Library.

Attack Racing served as the road racing sport manager for the 2018 Ontario Summer Games, and has coaches working on high performance projects (road and track) with the Ontario Cycling Association.

In 2019 we are launching a “Kids Safety and Skills” program to bring new kids into the sport. We have recognized that parents are fearful for the safety of their kids riding bicycles and see this as an opportunity to build the sport. We are currently training our Juniors to deliver the program as a part time job, satisfying their need for a part time job and our need to keep them focused on cycling. These Juniors are already role models for the young new riders and their involvement in coaching will help to close the development cycle from top to bottom.

Competition highlights:

  • Won 2018 Ontario Crit Championship Junior men with 2 of top 3
  • Finished 2nd and 3rd in 2018 Ontario Cup Series Junior men
  • Won Cat 3 at Intelligentsia Cup 2017 with a team of 16 and 17 year olds.
  • Won 2017 Ontario Cup Series Junior men with 3 of top 5
  • Put 5 riders on National team for Junior Worlds Track 2017
  • Participated in more than 70? events
  • Over 1000 individual participations.

Our Value to Sponsors

Our organization offers sponsors a unique way to associate themselves with grass roots youth sports.  Beyond the brand exposure to our wide audience online at at events, we can work with you to provide images and content for your own marketing and branding.  Supporting healthy kids and youth cycling in particular is good for business and our community.