The Squad at Attack Racing would like to wish everyone a very happy New Year. We’re very excited for 2019. We’ve got some great riders, some excellent sponsors who are putting real money into the sport and a solid cadre of coaches to keep things organized.

2018 had some amazing successes. Virtually every race the team showed up at we were on the podium. Most of our riders got to experience that fantastic feeling of attacking a race and coming out on top. We also learned lots of lessons when things didn’t go our way, which is even more important. We supported our community and other cycling programs and for this we are proud. We’ll continue this in 2019.

2018 also had some challenges, but through it all we knew that this program was built on more than just a jersey. Our program is built on teamwork, fun, passion, and an inclusive approach to building consensus.

We’d like to thank our sponsors, and volunteers, for their great work this past year. Big props go to the riders who trained so hard and made every race exciting.

Check out our retrospective album on Facebook. See you tomorrow for day 1 of 2019.

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