Fresh paint and a fresh feeling

Over the past weeks a new spirit and enthusiasm is flowing through Forest City Velodrome. The team has been very happy to help out with the Track Attack project that has seen people come out of the woodwork to support our main training center.

This initiative saw the FCV raise well over $50,000 to purchase new heating and lighting, but more importantly recruited an army of volunteers who rolled up their sleeves and scrubbed, cleaned, painted and repaired everything from the track to the entrance to the tarps that keep errant drips off the track.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge Ed Veal who gave the Track Attack initiative it’s power as he raised awareness by riding around the track for 24 hours. It’s a record that may stand for many many years. 5249 laps is a crazy feat that is difficult to comprehend. Sometimes a crazy idea can gain momentum and produce great results.

The new look and new equipment will make the track a home for kids and local riders for years to come and we’re tremendously grateful to all who helped out or donated to the cause.